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We did it, THANK YOU!
We raised a total of $193,000!
We couldn't have done it without you! Todah Rabbah to all of our generous donors

It's not too late, you can still donate!
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Thank you to our Triple Match sponsors:

The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Family

Don, Eydie and Jennifer Garlikov

Lori Schottenstein


Thank you to our Bonus Round Match Sponsor:

Moishe Appelbaum and the Midwest Crew

and to the Appelbaum/Stan Family

End of the Year Match Campaign Donors

Anonymous - 26 Donors

In memory of Kim Hagan, Sarah Ciranni, and Orland and Ella Ciranni

In memory of Jay Allen Friedman

Janet and Hillard Abroms

Laurie Alexander

Rabbi Morris Allen
in honor of Rabbi Zack

Shira and Rabbi Michoel Alt

Reuven Alt

Susie and Stu Appelbaum

Todd Appelbaum

Stacy and Ari Bandler

Terri and Rick Barnett

Karyn and Steve Bass

Naomi Brenner and Ari Berger

Michele and Andy Bernstein
In memory of Mildred Blumenfeld

Beth and Daryl Binsky

Alegria and Yehudah Bitton

Liraz Penzoh and Maxx Blank

Lara and Gary Blumberg

Sarah and Michael Blumenfeld
In memory of parents, Ted and Millie Blumenfeld

Duana and Irv Boiman

Samantha and Daniel Broidy

Meagan and Jeff Buren
In honor of our parents Sally and Mark Wachter. Welcome to the community. Thank you for all that you do!

Monica and Joseph Calabrese

Michelle Chrein

Laura and Ken Clubok

Marilyn and Stuart Cole

Marian and Randy Cuenot
In memory of Manny Elman

Shelly and Al Dembe

Rabbi Shimon Deutsch

Jason Diehl

Yefim and Vicky Dobkin

Hope and Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff

Judge Cynthia Ebner
In memory of father, Murray Ebner and those who perished in the Holocaust

Lisa and David Eckmann

Marcia and Avrom Epstein

Ingrid and Jeff Epstein

Sara Libby and Shaul Epstein

Ellensara Evans

Miriam and Rabbi Yaakov Feigenbaum

Aliza and Rabbi Josh Finegold

Samone and Mark Fischer

Lynn and Joel Fisher

Sarah Frank

Pia and Tal Frank

Leah and Aaron Freed
In honor of Leah Freed and all of her efforts at JFS

Yehuda Fried

Talia and Robert Friedman

Robin and Larry Garvin
In memory of Phil and Charlotte Gouz, Henry Kepes and Ruth Kepes

Larry Gilbert

Jenna Greenberg and Rabbi Josh Ginsberg

Benjamin Goldberg and Bradley Cockrell

Miriam and Rabbi Avi Goldstein

Meira and Ben Gorbaty

Stacey and Joel Greff

Alison and Matan Gutwaks

Matthew Haberkorn
in memory of Stephen Haberkorn

Agi and Jon Hartstein
in memory of Bob Lane and IMO Millie Blumenfeld

Stephanie Harvill
in memory of Mr. Steve Haberkorn

Marcia and Bob Hershfield

Shari and Dotan Herszage
In honor of Gary Blumberg

Victoria and Roman Ilin

Miriam Kahn

Rivky and Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein

Peggy Kaplan

Peggy and Alan Katchen

Rabbi Melissa Crespy and Larry Kaufman
In memory of  Dr. H. Victor Crespy, Maxine Crespy, Jonathan Crespy, and Dr. David Kaufman

Ari Kinsberg

Mike Klapper

Jessica and Josh Kopp

Adina and Ben Kozberg

Sarah and David Kravitz

Rebecca and Raanan Lefkovitz

Michelle and Steve Lessnick 

Jessica and Brent Levison
In memory of Eileen & Marc Levison

Laurie and Michael Levison

Barbara and Alan Levy

Rebecca and Hal Levy
In honor of our parents, Rick and Terri Barnett, who inspire us with their unwavering dedication and commitment to their community

Stacy Leeman and Gary Liebesman

Elad Masasa

Roberta Rosenblum and David Mayer

Rebecca and Yaakov Mayerhoff

Rachel and Benjamin Metz

Karen and Avi Mikalov

Mark Mitzman

Julia Modes

Chaya and Rabbi Henoch Morris

Sarita and Michael Moss
In honor of our Torat Emet &  Columbus friends

Naomi Myers

David Natanov

Sima Gellman and Fred Needham
In honor of our beloved children Phillip and Frances

Anne and Marc Neiwirth

Yoetzet Shira and Rabbi Ari Neuman

Laura and Ira Nutis

Ariella and Sam Nutis

Pearl and Mel Perel

Michal and Meir Perlmuter
In Honor of Rabbi Zack

Justin Pinsker

Lori and Jeff Polster

Miriam and David Portman
In memory of Jim Brisk

Heddy and Leonard Rabe
In memory of James Brisk

Jane and Steve Rabe

Marla Rose

Lisa Ebner Rosen
in honor of Rabbi Zack

Chaviva Rosenberg

Ellie and Daniel Rosenberg

Eran Rosenberg

Susie and Steve Rubin

Dalia and Eric Samorodnitsky

Arlene and Ami Sapir

Naomi and Ben Schwartz

Beverly Roseman-Shapiro and Stewart Shapiro
in memory of our parents:  Paul and Florence Shapiro
and Malvin and Althea Roseman

Esther and Shay Sharaby

Becca Sigal and Aaron Shatz

Sara and Alan Shatz

Miriam and Oded Shenkar

Anne and Steve Shulman

Laura and Jerry Sigal
In honor Becca Sigal and Aaron Shatz

Devorah and Rabbi Daniel Steinberg

Nancy and Ken Supowit

Yael and Perry Vernikoff

Sally and Mark Wachter

Rabbi Jay Waitzman

Jacqueline Wein
In memory of Jeannette & Sol Wein

Murray Weinberg

Ze'ev and Cassie Weinstein
In loving memory of Grandpa Jim Fontek

Rochell and David Weisfogel
In honor of all those honored at CTA dinner

Meyers Jewelers - The Weisman Family

Marlene and Stuart Weltz

Shifra Tyberg and Rafe Wenger

Meredith and Andrew Weprin

Devorah and Justin Weprin

Leslie and Todd Wilkof
In honor of the birthday of our son-in law Yaakov Mayerhoff

Kelsey and Moshe Yachnes

William Young

Etana Zack
In honor of Jorge! He's the best!  Also the Zacks are pretty cool.

Linda Vlosky Zack and Rabbi Howard Zack

Shifra Zack

Margot and Sid Zack

Cynthia and David Zimm

Ely Zofan

Allison and Yoni Zofan

Tzivi and Rabbi Yitzhak Zuckerman

Naomi and Paul Zwelling

Sheila and Rick Zwelling

Campaign Total: $193,000
You can still donate! Click here to make your pledge!

Almost Forgot!
We want to thank all those who made an additional end of the year donation for our Pickup Truck Fund:

Susie and Stu Appelbaum

Terri and Rick Barnett

Naomi and Ari Berger

Meagan and Jeff Buren

Marge and Nick Ciranni

Lisa and David Eckmann

Janice and Rabbi Joel Epstein

Marcia and Avrom Epstein

Terri and David Goldmeier

Betsey Lane

Michelle and Stephen Lessnick

Rebecca and Yaakov Mayerhoff

Naomi Myers

Sima Gellman and Fred Needham

Lori and Jeff Polster

Esther and Shay Sharaby

Becca Sigal and Aaron Shatz

Sara and Alan Shatz

Nancy and Ken Supowit

Sally and Mark Wachter

Murray Weinberg

Etana Zack

Linda Vlosky Zack and Rabbi Howard Zack

Margot and Sid Zack

Allison and Yoni Zofan

Sheila and Rick Zwelling

Hillel, the great Jewish sage, taught that embedded in the kindling of the Chanukah menorah is the message that we must always strive to increase the light. That is why we add a new candle every night of Chanukah.  As our community continues to grow, your participation in our mission to “Build a World of Kindness” increases the light. Your ongoing support is invaluable.
On Erev Chanukah, this Sunday, December 18 at noon, we are lighting up our annual end-of-the-year match campaign. Thanks to the generosity and vision of our matching donors led by the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Family, Don, Eydie and Jennifer Garlikov, and Lori Schottenstein, every dollar raised this year will be tripled.  $100=$300.  Our goal is to reach $180,000.
Your donation will be a valuable and valued investment in promoting Jewish life in our community.  The money raised during this campaign supports and enhances our mission to be a guiding light through spiritual, social and community support programs.  With your partnership we can continue our current and future growth.
Please remember that your donation is tax deductible and will be tripled with matching dollars.

You can make a hassle-free donation by clicking here, or contact the Torat Emet office at 614-238-6778 or office@toratemet.orgEither way please help us make our match!
Thank you very much - todah rabbah.
Chanukah Sameyach,
Terri Barnett, Campaign Chair     Betsey Lane, President     Rabbi Howard Zack

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