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A very sincere thank you to everyone who participated in our End of the Year Campaign and helped us reach our matching goal!  Thanks to you, Torat Emet can continue to provide the important programs and services you have come to expect.

But there is still time to show how much you value the services and programs Torat Emet provides.  We will continue our campaign through the end of the year to make sure you have the opportunity to participate and get your tax deductible donations in!

You can still show your support by clicking here to make your gift now!

help underwrite a program so more families can participate!

Family Kabbalat Shabbat & Dinner 
Subsidize this program for $180 (includes family admission)
Underwrite this program for $1,250 (each occurance)

PJs & Havdalah 
Underwrite this program for $200

Chanukah Palooza 
Underwrite this program for $1,500

Pre-Purim Carnival 
Underwrite this program for $1,500

Click here to underwrite any of these programs

Thank you to Jonathan and Nicole Schottenstein for generously underwriting our Pizza & Game Night in the Sukkah program

Thank you to Ayala and David Kohn for generously underwriting our Parshat Noach Exotic Petting Zoo program

Thank you to Adina and Ben Kozberg for generously underwriting lunch for the Parshat Noach Exotic Petting Zoo program

Thank you to Joey and Lindsay Schottenstein for generously underwriting lunch for the Parhsat Noach Exotic Petting Zoo program

Thank you to Naomi Brenner and Ari Berger for generously subsidizing the first Family Kabbalat Shabbat & Dinner program

Welcome to Congregation Torat Emet...Welcome Home

Welcome to Main Street!
We are the largest Modern Orthodox shul in Columbus, located in the center of the Jewish community, offering daily minyan and weekly classes.  We cultivate relationships with God and with each other, striving for spiritual and moral growth. Please join our community for visits, services and events.

Calendar Corner

  • Traveling Teen Minyan & Teen Cholent -- December 15th
  • Food for Thought Brunch featuring Professor Nechama Price -- December 16th
  • Fast of the 10th of Tevet -- December 18th
  • MSG (Teens Welcome) Oneg Shabbat at the Berger home -- December 21st
  • Teen MMM&M -- December 22nd
  • Trivia Panoply Game Night -- January 12th
  • PJs & Havdalah -- January 19
  • Escape Room - The False Messiah -- February 2nd
  • Family Kabalat Shabbat & Dinner -- February 8th
Wed, December 19 2018 11 Tevet 5779