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torate emet minyanim and classes

Services and classes will not be held at Torat Emet until further notice. Whenever possible, they will be held via Zoom.

The Jewish community has thrived for millenia on its intimacy and close connections. While we will be physically apart for the foreseeable future, we will strive to maintain our emotional and spiritual bonds during this time. Below you will find links to join daily Shacharit, Mincha-Maariv, Torat Emet Class Schedule, Rabbi Neuman's new Podcast on Minor Biblical Characters, and other online resources that may be helpful. May our learning and prayer help bring us back together soon. 

***All service times and class titles listed below are clickable
links to join the specified Zoom session***

Service Time

8:25 AM Sunday
7:25 AM Monday-Friday

6:25 PM Sunday-Friday



The Book of Hoshaya with Rabbi Neuman
Sunday morning, 9:00 AM will pick up after Pesach

Lunch & Schmooze
Tuesday at 12:30 PM

Drasha and Hagaddah Nuggets with Rabbi Zack

The Characters You Do Not Know with Rabbi Neuman (you need to have Spotify or Anchor to listen)


Passover Information & Tips from Rabbi Zack


  1. You can find every passover guide and a lot of koshering information at 
  2. Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz of has made a home video this year in place of his annual market tours where he shares information about all of the products that are available without special certification, etc. I have known Rabbi Eidlitz since entering the rabbinate in Oakland, CA. He has been my kashrut rebbe and guru. You can watch his presentation HERE  
  3. Rabbi Hershel Schachter has declared this year a sha'at hadchak an emergency situation and therefore halachot that are usually bedieved, are now considered even a l'chatchitla [Laws that are usually only approved as "ok after the fact" are now fully permitted]. In particular the use of boxed machine matza instead of hand shmura matza is allowed as long as it was made l'sham matza [With the intent to fulfill the mitzvah of eating matza. Rabbi Genack of the OU has affirmed that all OU matza fulfills this requirement. 
  4. You may use any unopened passover products from last year. 
  5. Many poskim have written that this year, even if your minhag (custom) is not to sell real chametz, you may and even should do so to ensure that you have food for after pesach and to save money. 
  6. Click HERE for the online Sale of Chametz form.


Click HERE for more Passover Information and Kashering Resources


COVID-19 Resources:

Online Learning Resources:

We pray for those who are sick, for everyone’s safety,
and for a swift end to this plague.

Welcome to Congregation Torat Emet...Welcome Home

Welcome to Main Street!
We are the largest Modern Orthodox shul in Columbus, located in the center of the Jewish community, offering daily minyan and weekly classes.  We cultivate relationships with God and with each other, striving for spiritual and moral growth. Please join our community for visits, services and events.

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Calendar Corner

  • ​​​​​​​Rosh Chodesh Nisan -- March 26th
Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780