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We are the largest Modern Orthodox shul in Columbus, located in the center of the Jewish community, offering daily minyan and weekly classes.  We cultivate relationships with God and with each other, striving for spiritual and moral growth. Please join our community for visits, services and events.

Memorial Booklets 2017-2018

Yizkor memorial booklet entries are now being revised for the coming year. 

Renewal forms were sent in the mail to those who have had previous entries.  If you wish to renew your entry, you must submit your renewal here, by phone, by form or email by the August 21 deadline.  PLEASE NOTE: ENTRIES WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW.  

Submit new entries here, or click here for a downloadable version. Forms are also available in the shul office and on the promo table in the social hall.


Ari Sacher is a Rocket Scientist, and has worked in the design and development of ‎missiles for over twenty years. He has briefed nearly one half of the US Congress on ‎Israeli Missile Defense, including briefings on Capitol Hill at the invitation of the ‎House Majority Leader. He speaks regularly for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Dr. ‎Sacher is a highly requested speaker at AIPAC events, enabling even the layman to ‎understand the "rocket science", and his speaking events are regularly sold-out.‎
Ari has also been a scholar in residence in numerous synagogues in the USA and ‎Canada. He is a riveting speaker, using his experience in the defense industry to ‎explain the Torah in a way that is simultaneously enlightening and entertaining.‎
Ari studied at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, and publishes a weekly parasha shiur that is ‎read around the world.  ‎

Shabbat Dinner & Oneg
"Looking for G-d in All the Wrong Places"

Shabbat Morning
Morning Drasha
"The Best Offense is a Good Defense"

Keynote Address following Davening
"Obama's Drones and Prayer"

Melava Malka, 9:15 PM
"On Torah, Science, and Mission Planning: How Mission Planning for a Smart Weapon Can Help Give Us Directions on How to Proceed When Torah and Science Clash"

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Calendar Corner

  • Inaugural Community Kiddush Luncheon -- August 19th
  • Teen Musaf & Cholent -- August 26th
  • High Street Shabbat Across Columbus -- September 2nd
  • Ma'agalim Event -- September 6th
  • Shabbat with a Rocket Scientist,  Ari Sacher -- September 8th & 9th
  • Teen Cholent -- September 16th
  • Kumzitz, Inspiration and Selichot -- September 16th
  • Movie (Charlotte's Web 2006) and Lunch for Young Children -- September 17th
Thu, August 24 2017 2 Elul 5777