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shabbat kiddush sponsorship

Sponsoring a kiddush or seudah shlisheet at Torat Emet helps create community by giving members and guests an opportunity to linger, mingle and schmooze after services.

Sponsored Kiddush
Honoring a simcha, family milestone or lifecycle event by sponsoring a kiddush is a wonderful way to share your special moments with the entire community.  Kiddush sponsorships are for a standard Shabbat attendance of 150 people. If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, please contact Rabbi Neuman at

Sponsored Seudah Shlisheet
Sponsoring shalos seudos is also a way to commemorate a milestone.  If you choose to sponsor seudah shlisheet in memory of a loved one, or for any other occasion, you may also want to deliver the d'var Torah at that meal.  To arrange for the d'var torah please contact Rabbi Epstein.  We have put together several sponsorship options to make marking the occasion easy for you.  Seudah shlisheet sponsorships are for a standard Shabbat afternoon attendance of 45-50 people.  If you would like to sponsor a seudah shlisheet, please contact Rabbi Neuman at


Our kiddushes depend on our volunteers! To lend a hand, please sign up here

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783