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 Pesach 5783 Schedule

Thursday, March 30th
5:30 PM    MSY PPBBQ

Tuesday, April 4th
8:40 PM    Bedikat Chametz (search  for chametz), NOT BEFORE

Wednesday, April 5th
Fast of the First Born
& Erev Pesach

5:58 AM      Fast Begins
7:00 AM     Shacharit & Siyum
10:58 AM   Stop Eating Chametz
12:19 PM    Last time to burn chametz
1:35 PM      Chatzot (midday)
                     Eruv Tavshilin
7:35 PM      Mincha/Maariv
7:42 PM      Candle Lighting
8:41 PM      Start Seder, NOT BEFORE

Thursday, April 6th
Pesach First Day

9:30 AM     Shacharit
10:21 AM    Last Time to recite Shema
7:40 PM      Mincha/Maariv
8:42 PM      Candle Lighting & Start
                      Seder, NOT BEFORE
Friday, April 7th
Pesach Second Day

9:30 AM      Shacharit
10:20 AM    Last time to recite Shema
7:35 PM      Mincha/Maariv
7:44 PM      Candle Lighting

Shabbat, April 8th
Chol HaMoed

9:00 AM      Shacharit
7:25 PM       Mincha/Maariv
8:45 PM      Shabbat Ends

Sunday, April 9th
Chol HaMoed

8:00 AM     Shacharit 
6:25 PM      Mincha/Maariv
Monday, April 10th
Chol HaMoed

7:00 AM     Shacharit
6:25 PM      Mincha/Maariv
Tuesday, April 11th
Erev Yom Tov

7:00 AM      Shacharit
6:25 PM       Mincha/Maariv
6:45 PM       Candle Lighting

Wednesday, April 12th
Pesach Seventh Day

9:00 AM      Shacharit
7:40 PM      Mincha/Maariv
8:49 PM      Candle Lighting

Thursday, April 13th
Pesach Eighth Day

9:00 AM      Shacharit
10:30 AM    Yizkor
7:45 PM       Mincha/Maariv
8:50 PM      Yom Tov Ends

*Sold Chametz should not be 
accessed prior to 10:00 PM

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