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Torat Emet 2020 End of Year Matching Campaign


This Chanukah do one more mitzvah when you light your menorah…
Make a pledge to this year’s Torat Emet 2020 Match Campaign

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כִּ֤י נֵ֣ר מִ֭צְוָה וְת֣וֹרָה א֑וֹר
Each Mitzvah is a lamp,
And Torah is the light.

Throughout this dark pandemic year, Torat Emet has remained
a light and a beacon to our members and their families.
Weekday, Shabbat, and Yom Tov services have continued,
classes have resumed online and outreach to our members continue unabated.
We have been successful because of you.
and we want to do more for you and with you
now that there is finally light at the end of the covid-19 tunnel.

Please help us grow the light at Torat Emet
by supporting our annual end of the year Triple Match Campaign.

Every dollar will be matched three times.  $100=$400, $250=$1000, etc.
Our goal is $100,000+.

The Campaign launches at noon on erev Chanukah,
25 Kislev / December 10, and concludes on December 23.

Ignite the Light at Torat Emet!

Click HERE to make your pledge!


Here are a few ways for you to increase your giving
to Torat Emet and save money:

Cares Act $300 Charitable Giving Deduction for 2020
Click here for more information:

IRA Contribution:
If you are 701/2 years or older and required to distribute funds from your IRA, any amount given as a charitable contribution to Torat Emet is non-taxable.  The money must be distributed from your IRA fund directly to the synagogue in order to receive this tax benefit.
Click  here for more information or contact your broker/money manager.

Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyyar 5781