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Youth Programming

Said Reish Lakish in the name of Rabbi Yehudah the Prince:  The world endures only for the sake of the inspiration of school children.

BT Shabbat 119b

In Jewish tradition and in our shul, nothing is more important than our children.  We cherish our Main Street Youth (MSY) programs, which are designed to help our children grow, laugh, and learn in the context of their Jewish heritage.

Throughout the year, we have so much fun hosting movie nights, chessed projects and more. And we love celebrating the holidays with our children through special Rosh Hashanah services, games and shofar blowing, Sukkah programming, holiday crafts, Tu B'Shevat sedarim, Purim programs and Shavuot learning.  All year long, we strive to connect with our children of all ages so they can cultivate a sense of closeness to God and of belonging to their Jewish community.

Take a look at some of our MSY highlights!

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