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Weekly Emes September 23 - September 29, 2016

09/22/2016 05:05:43 PM





September 23 - September 29, 2016  

20 Elul - 26 Elul 5776  

Parashat Ki Tavo



Welcome to Congregation Torat Emet's weekly Emes, all the news and happenings at the shul and around the community.  Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom! 


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Office Hours


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


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Eruv (489-8281)

Buckeye Kosher





Schedules & Lifecycle    




7:00 AM    Shacharit

7:00 PM    Mincha

7:08 PM    Candle Lighting



8:30 AM    Parsha Schmuze

9:00 AM    Shacharit

10:30 AM  Toddler-K: Supervised Play

                 in Occasion Room

                 Toddler-K: Kindercongregation

                 in Toddler Room

                 Grades 1-2: in S & S Place

                 Grades 3-6: in Youth Lounge

6:15 PM    Pre-Mincha Shiur

6:45 PM    Mincha

     D'var Torah by Beverly Roseman-

     Shapiro & Dr. Stewart Shapiro

8:05 PM    Shabbat Ends

10:45 PM  Pre-Selichot Melava

                 Malka & Kumzit

12:00 PM  Selichot Service



Daf Yomi

7:00 AM    Sunday

5:40 AM    Monday-Friday


8:00 AM    Sunday

6:40 AM    Monday-Friday


6:55 PM    Sunday-Thursday

6:50 PM    Friday



Parsha Schmuze

Shabbat morning at 8:30 AM

The Game of Jewish Thrones

with Rabbi Neuman

Sunday morning at 8:50 AM

Talmud Class with Rabbi Epstein

Sunday evening at 8:00 PM



September 24th

Pre-Selichot Melava Malka & Kumzitz followed by Selichot Service

October 1st

Teen Minyan

October 2nd

Erev Rosh Hashanah

October 3rd

High Holiday Beginners Service

& Tashlich at Jay & Jeanie's

October 5th

Fast of Gedaliah

October 7th

First Friday

October 11th & 12th

Yom Kippur

October 12th

High Holiday Beginners Service

October 16th

Erev Sukkot

October 17th

Young Family Sukkah Hop

October 22nd

Buckeye Beit HaShoeva

October 23rd

Edible Sukkah Party

October 23rd

Hoshanah Rabbah & Erev Yom Tov

October 24th

Shemini Atzeret

October 25th

Simchat Torah



Kiddush this week, which is parve, is sponsored by the shul


Seudah Shlisheet this week is sponsored by Beverly Roseman-Shapiro and Dr. Stewart Shapiro in memory of mothers, Althea Roseman and Florence Shapiro


Kiddush Captain this week is Ilana Klamka. Kiddush Team members are Janice Epstein, Barbara Meluch, Eran Rosenberg, Sara & Alan Shatz, and Perry Vernikoff


If you would like to sponsor or enhance a Kiddush or Seudah Shlisheet, please contact Liz Kalef



Our ushers this week are Lara & Gary Blumberg, Irv Boiman, and Janice Epstein



Gabbai Rishon: Eitan Polster

Gabbai Sheni:  Rabbi Shaul Epstein



to Dr. Rochel and Rabbi Henoch Millen on the engagement of their grandson, Yakov Millen of Chicago, to Chava Miriam Lensky of Milwaukee


to Yana and James Schottenstein on the birth of their granddaughter, Abigail Culp. Proud parents are Irene and Dr. Brian Culp


to Sonia Schottenstein on being named the honoree of the upcoming Israel Bonds Special Briefing Event



Neal Grossman and Irv Szames



Synagogue Fund

in commemoration of the yahrzeit of

father, Rabbi Harry W. Katchen from Peggy & Alan katchen

father, Fred Adler from Susan & Mitch Shapiro

from Sandra & Steven Dua

from Marcia & Mark Ungar

from Sara & Adam Scheinbach

Rabbi's Fund

in appreciation of

Rabbi Howard Zack from Laurie & Michael Levison

Rabbi Joel Epstein from Laurie & Michael levison


Happy Birthday this week to

Harry Bernzweig, Wendy Horwitz, Ohad Karavani, Mark Levy, Jacob Mikalov, Jeff Polster, Daniel Rose, Stefan Schiff, and Adam Ungar


Synagogue Announcements



High Holidays 2016 at Torat Emet

Our High Holiday Emes went out this morning with the

full schedule and programming



Selichot 5777
Saturday, September 24th

Pre-Slichot Melava Malka        10:45 pm
Selichot Service                     12 Midnight


Rosh Hashanah 5777

Erev Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, October 2nd

Shacharit                                        7:30 am
Mincha                                           6:45 pm
Candle Lighting                            6:54 pm


1st Day Rosh Hashanah
Monday, October 3rd

Shacharit                                        8:15 am
Torah Service                                9:45 am
Beginner's Service                     10:00 am
Sermon/Shofar                           10:45 am
Musaph                                         11:30 am
Tashlich at home of Jay and Jeanie                Schottenstein     5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Mincha at Jay and Jeanie's       6:00 pm
Mincha at Shul                             6:50 pm
Candle Lighting
          NOT BEFORE                    7:50 pm


2nd day Rosh Hashanah
Tuesday, October 4th

Shacharit                                        8:15 am
Torah Service                                9:45 am
Sermon/Shofar                           10:45 am
Musaph                                         11:30 am
Mincha                                           6:50 pm
Yom Tov Ends                              7:48 pm


Fast of Gedaliah
Wednesday, October 5th

Fast Begins                                    6:20 am
Shacharit                                        6:15 am
Mincha                                           6:35 pm
Fast Ends                                       7:47 pm


Shabbat Shuva
Saturday, October 8th

Parsha Shmuze                            8:30 am

Shacharit                                       9:00 am
No Kiddush
Seudah Shlisheet at Home
Mincha                                           6:20 pm
Shabbat Shuva Drasha                6:55 pm
Shabbat Ends                                7:42 pm


Yom Kippur 5775

Erev Yom Kippur
Tuesday, October 11th

Shacharit                                        6:45 am
Early Mincha                                2:00 pm
Late Mincha                                  6:05 pm
*Candle Lighting                        6:39 pm*
Kol Nidre                                       6:40 pm


Yom Kippur
Wednesday, October 12th

Shacharit                                       8:30 am
Torah Service                              10:30 am
Beginner's Service                      10:15 am
Sermon & Yizkor                         11:15 am
Musaph                                         12:15 pm
Break with Shiurim
Mincha                                           4:30 pm
Neilah                                             6:10 pm
Maariv / Shofar                            7:36 pm


Temple Name Here

Sukkot 5777

Erev Sukkot
Sunday, October 16th

Shacharit                                       8:00 am
Mincha                                           6:25 pm
Candle Lighting                            6:32 pm


1st Day Sukkot
Monday, October 17th

Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Mincha                                           6:25 pm
Candle Lighting                                  
         NOT BEFORE                      7:29 pm


2nd Day Sukkot
Tuesday, October 18th
Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Mincha                                           6:25 pm
Yom Tov Ends                              7:28 pm

Chol Hamoed Sukkot
Wed & Thurs, October 19th-20th

Shacharit                                        6:45 am
Mincha                                           6:25 pm


3rd Day Chol Ha Moed Sukkot
Friday, October 21st

Shacharit                                        6:45 am
Mincha                                           6:20 pm
Candle Lighting                            6:25 pm


Shabbat Chol Ha Moed Sukkot
Saturday, October 22nd

Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Mincha                                           6:05 pm
Shabbat Ends                                7:22 pm

Buckeye Beit Hashoeva    8:00 pm

Hoshanah Rabba/Erev Yom Tov
Sunday, October 23rd

Shacharit                                        7:30 am

Edible Sukkah
      Building Party    11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Mincha                                            6:15 pm
Candle Lighting                            6:22 pm


Shemini Atzeret
Monday, October 24th

Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Yizkor                                           10:30 am
Mincha                                           6:20 pm

Candle Lighting
          NOT BEFORE                    7:20 pm
Maariv                                            7:20 pm
Hakafot                                         7:40 pm
Seudah following Hakafot 


Simchat Torah
Tuesday, October 25th

Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Hakafot                                        10:00 am
6:15 pm
Yom Tov Ends                               7:18 pm


Shabbat Bereshit
Saturday, October 29th

Parsha Shmuze                            8:30 am
Shacharit                                       9:00 am
Pre Mincha Shiur                         5:25 pm
Mincha                                           5:55 pm
Shabbat Ends                                7:14 pm   


*Please light candles at home before Mincha. One should have in                        mind not to accept Yom Tov until Maariv at shul.


Youth Department Update

Upcoming Youth Opportunities:

Shabbos October 1st Parshat Nitzavim: we will have our first monthly Teen Minyan. We will begin services at 9:30AM in the Beit Midrash and davening, laining, and our dvar torah will be led by our teens. Additionally, we will be having a Teen Cholent this shabbos, rewarding our talented teens for leading a full service. In order to give our teens the chance to lead these services we are looking for parents who can lead groups on this particular Shabbos. If you are interested (or even just willing :-) contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at

Rosh Hashana October 3rd and 4thWe are looking for parents to help us with groups. Any amount of time that you can commit is helpful. Thank you to Naomi Berger-Brenner for helping me organize the parents for groups. If you are interested contact Rabbi Ari Neuman

Weekly Youth Opportunities:

Children's Petichah: Each week we invite all boys and girls 8 years of age and younger to join us in front of the ark to each carry a small Torah scroll around the shul. Please arrive with your children by 9:35 AM to make sure they receive a פתיחה honor card from the junior gabbinate! However, please be mindful that parents are responsible for their children until groups start at 10:30 AM.

TICKET/PRIZE system in groups: The goal of the ticketing system is to reinforce good behavior. Until now our courageous teens have been trying to slowly rebuild the content in groups without any incentives, we hope that the tickets will help them better accomplish that goal. Children who (1) Arrive to groups on time and without fuss (2) Behave for the entirety of groups (3) Answer a question on the Parsha (4) Engage respectfully in Tefilla (5) Remain until the end of groups will receive one ticket per category from the group leaders.  Also, please help your children safely store tickets from week to week as they will need to trade them in to receive prizes each month.

Kindercongregation: we are happy to announce that Rachel Metz will be continuing kinder-congregation each week. If you'd like your children to get a first rate interactive educational experience, check it out. Parents, please encourage your children ages 3-6 to attend this group as it is an incredible opportunity for our children to learn and grow every shabbat.  

As a volunteer there will be weeks when Rachel will not be available to lead this group. In order to provide our children with consistent programming on a weekly basis the Youth Department is still looking for parents to volunteer to run the group on those shabbatot. Please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at if you are interested in getting involved.  

6th -8th Grade Balcony Prayer: Children in 6th-8th grade are welcome to join me and their peers on the balcony to pray the Musaf Service with the shul. During the Chazan's repetition all who joined us for davening will have the opportunity to answer a brain-teasing riddle about the shul. The first person or group to give me the correct answer each week will be entered into a bi-annual raffle to win a chance to Escape the Room in Columbus. Mazal Tov to Saul Myers who was the first to discover this past week’s riddle: They live in the ground and scream when dug up, translate to biblical Hebrew you may have some luck. (Hint: This has something to do with the ark in the main sanctuary).

Last Week's Review

This past Saturday Night at 9:15PM we had our first Teen Movies Melava Malka & M & Ms (MMM&M&M for short). We enjoyed Pizza and M&Ms and watched the film Inception (PG-13) - a Christopher Nolan film that pushes the boundaries of what comprises our reality and how we conceive of ideas and dream. 


This past Sunday September 18th at 11:30AM 20 families (60 participants) from our community went apple picking at Lynd Fruit Farm. The event was FREE and a lot of fun. We picked apples and had a nice picnic lunch with some chips and SMORES. Unfortunately, the tail end of our event got rained out so most families did not stick around for the petting zoo and we did not have a chance to discuss the custom of eating Apples and Honey on Rosh Hashana. But the Question I will have you ponder is: Why Apples? Why not just have Challah and honey and be done? Is there a lesson to be learned from Apples? Find me in shul and let me know if you come up with anything. 

For any and all ideas, issues, complaints, or even compliments about the Youth Department please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at


Rabbi Ari Neuman

Assistant Rabbi




Congregation Torat Emet
Annual Synagogue Meeting


The annual meeting for Congregation Torat Emet will be held on Sunday, November 20th.  There will be reports on the state of the congregation and a vote on the slate of officers and directors for the congregation.


Proposed Slate is below



Congregation Torat Emet

Report of the Nominating Committee

Proposed Slate 5777


Executive Committee

Lifetime Co-Chairs of the Board    Jay Schottenstein

                                                       Jeanie Schottenstein


Past President                                Alan Shatz


President                                        Monica Calabrese

1st Vice President                          Michael Blumenfeld

2nd Vice President                         Yoni Zofan

Treasurer                                       Michael Broidy

Secretary                                       Betsey Lane


Non-Officer Executive Committee Members:

                                                      Stu Appelbaum

                                                      Gary Blumberg

                                                      Lindsay Schottenstein



Nominees for 5776-5778            Terri Barnett

                                                      Ari Berger

                                                      Lawrence Binsky

                                                      Mark Ebner

                                                      Perry Vernikoff


Continuing Term - 5775-5777       Al Dembe

                                                     Joel Fisher

                                                     Wendy Horwitz

                                                     Yiska Weisband

                                                     Devorah Weprin


Respectfully Submitted by the Nominating Committee:

Michael Blumenfeld

Monica Calabrese

Wendy Horwitz

Alan Katchen

Naomi Myers


High Street Synagogue



The High Street Community is a project led by Rabbi Ari Neuman for young professionals looking for meaningful Jewish experiences and fun ways to meet other young Jewish adults.  The program's goal is to help its participants learn about Judaism in a way that is exciting, enjoyable, open, and welcoming to others no matter their background.

For more information, or to sign up for HSC events and e-mails, please contact Rabbi Neuman ar

or call the office at 614-238-6778.


First Friday - November 4th, 2016 at 7:30 PM

First Friday is a Shabbat experience for young Jewish adults of all backgrounds featuring a brief evening service and a Shabbat meal on the first Friday of every month. First Friday is hosted at 1 Miranova Place in downtown Columbus. 





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Israel Update


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