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Weekly Emes September 2 - September 8, 2016

09/01/2016 09:05:52 PM



September 2 - September 8, 2016  

29 Av - 5 Elul 5776  

Parashat Re'eh



Welcome to Congregation Torat Emet's weekly Emes, all the news and happenings at the shul and around the community.  Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom! 


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Office Hours

Monday-Labor Day




9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


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Schedules & Lifecycle    




7:00 AM    Shacharit

6:25 PM    Mincha

6:45 PM    Candle Lighting


Shabbat - Rosh Chodesh Elul

8:30 AM    Parsha Schmuze

9:00 AM    Shacharit

10:30 AM  Toddler-K: Supervised Play

                 in Occasion Room

                 Toddler-K: Kindercongregation

                 in Toddler Room

                 Grades 1-2: in S & S Place

                 Grades 3-6: in Youth Lounge

6:50 PM    Pre-Mincha Shiur

7:20 PM    Mincha

    D'var Torah by Daniel Newman

8:40 PM    Shabbat Ends



Daf Yomi

7:00 AM    Sunday - Rosh Chodesh Elul

7:00 AM    Monday - Labor Day

6:00 PM    Tuesday-Friday


8:00 AM    Sunday - Rosh Chodesh Elul

8:00 AM    Monday - Labor Day

7:00 PM    Tuesday-Friday


6:15 PM    Sunday-Thursday

6:00 PM    Friday



*Please note changes to class schedule

Parsha Schmuze

Shabbat morning at 9:00 AM

The Game of Jewish Thrones

with Rabbi Neuman

Sunday morning at 8:50 AM

Talmud Class with Rabbi Epstein

Sunday evening at 8:00 PM



September 4th

The Game of Jewish Thrones

A New Class with Rabbi Neuman

September 5th

Youth Department Kick Off Breakfast

September 9th-11th

Living an Enhanced Jewish Life:

A Torat Emet Shabbaton for the New Year featuring Rabbi Kenneth Brander and Dr. David Pelcovitz

September 18th

Family Apple Picking & Picknicking!



Kiddush this week, with a meat cholent, is sponsored by Terri and Richard Barnett, and Rachelle and Paul Bernstein, in honor of the upcoming marriage of their children, Shimra and Jonathan


Seudah Shlisheet this week is sponsored by the shul


Kiddush Captain this week is Marcia Epstein. Kiddush Team members are Meri Arno-King, Monica Calabrese, Peggy & Alan Katchen, and Betsey & Dani Lane


If you would like to sponsor or enhance a Kiddush or Seudah Shlisheet, please contact Liz Kalef



Our ushers this week are Hillard Abroms, Robin Garvin, and David Goldmeier



Gabbai Rishon: Rabbi Shaul Epstein

Gabbai Sheni: 



to Terri and Rick Barnett, and Rachelle and Paul Bernstein, on the upcoming marriage of their children, Shimra and Jonathan.  There will be a Shabbos Kallah this Saturday, 5:30 PM, at the home of Linda and Rabbi Howard Zack



Neal Grossman, Wendy Horwitz, Bruce Mirvis, Francine & Irv Szames, and Eileen Weltz



Synagogue Fund

in memory of

uncle, Bernard Clayman from Marcia, Avrom, Daniel, Benjamin, and Leah Epstein,

great grandfather, Abraham Roth from Marcia and Avrom Epstein,

beloved parents from Lynn and Joel Fisher

wishing a mazel tov to

Rick and Terri Barnett in honor of the marriage of their daughter Shimra to Jonathan Bernstein from Liz and Jeremy Kalef


Rabbi's Fund

in memory of

parents, Olga and Abram Dobkin, and Thelma and Ted Rogovin from Vicki and Yefim Dobkin

in commemoration of the yahrzeit of

father, Charlie Perel from Pearl and Mel Perel

mother, Margaret Wroe from Victoria and Chuck Cantor


Kiddush Fund

in commemoration of the yahrzeit of

grandfather, Koppel Kahane from Barbara and Alan Levy,

mother, Ruth Kahane from Barbara and Alan Levy


Happy Birthday this week to

Marge Ciranni, Zach Ebner, Sarah Frank, Tara Ganon, Elana Katz, Alexander Kaye, Ilana Klamka, Chuck Kopp, David Margolin, Sam Nutis, and Gabriela Schottenstein


Synagogue Announcements



MSY (Main Street Youth) Update

This Shabbos - September 3rd - we will be introducing a wonderful way for our children to be a part of the services. As the Torah Scroll is removed from the ark we invite all boys and girls 8 years of age and younger to join us in front of the ark to each carry a small Torah scroll around the shul. Please arrive with your children by 9:35 AM to make sure they don't miss this wonderful weekly opportunity! However, please be mindful that parents are responsible for their children until groups start at 10:30 AM.


Also starting this Shabbos -September 3rd - parents of children in 6th-8th grade please encourage your children to join me and their peers on the balcony to join the shul in davening the Musaf Services. During the Chazan's repetition all who joined us for davening will have the opportunity to answer a brain-teasing riddle about the shul. The first person to give me the correct answer each week will be entered into a bi-annual raffle to win a chance to Escape the Room in Columbus (if you are not familiar with Escape the Room - Google it!)


In addition, starting September 3rd we are happy to announce that Rachel Metz will be restarting kinder-congregation. We greatly appreciate the time and dedication she has shown over the years to our children and look forward to having her teach our 3-6 year old children again. As a volunteer there will be weeks when Rachel will not be available to lead this group. In order to provide our children with consistent programming on a weekly basis the Youth Department is looking for parents to volunteer to run the group on those shabbatot. Please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at if you are interested in getting involved.  


On Monday September 5th from 10:00 AM-11:15 AM there will be a Youth Department kickoff waffle breakfast in classroom B! All children and parents from ages 3 through 10 (5th grade) are invited. We will introduce our new ticket and prize system to encourage our children to daven and display good middot during groups. At the event children will be invited to decorate their own red tin ticket box with glitter, feathers, stickers and more. And they may discover a unique surprise in every box. Every month children will have the opportunity to trade in tickets for great prizes! Parents, please come with your children and encourage them to be a part of the Youth Department! The more excited you are, the more excited they will be! We hope to see you at the event!


Family Event

Come and create community at Lynd Fruit Farm! On Sunday September 18th from 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM our community's families will be going apple picking and picnicking at the Lynd Fruit Farm. We have reserved a nice picnicking site on the Lynd grounds with a fire! The event is free, but you are responsible to buy the apples that you pick ($15 and $25 bags) and bring your own dairy lunch.



11:30-12:30 - Apple Picking as a group

12:30-1:15 - Eat your own dairy picnic lunch around a fire

1:15-1:30 - Smores!

1:30-2:00 - More Smores! And for those who'd like to pay for other activities see below

2:00-4:00 (optional) Free petting zoo with farm animals!


Additionally, there are other activities for our families to take advantage of at the Farm, including: 

(1) An 8-acre corn maze  ($10 for 13 and up and $7 for ages 4-12).

     If 20 or more people are interested we can get $1 off each ticket.

(2) The Courtyard Combo (for pre-schoolers - age 8) gives kids access to the Fun Zone, Giant Apple Jumper, the Mini Maze, and a barrel train ticket. ($10 per child)

(3) Wagon Ride, ($2 per ticket, ages 3 and under free). You go out into the orchard, pick an apple and ride back.

For any and all ideas, issues, complaints, or even compliments about the Youth Department please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at


Rabbi Ari Neuman

Assistant Rabbi




Living an Enhanced Jewish Life:
A Torat Emet Shabbaton for the New Year

Dedicated to the memory of parents, 

Leonore and Lawrence Zusman a"h

by Marilyn and Stuart Cole and Family


in memory of Betty and Abraham Landesman a"h

by Dr. Rochel L. and Rabbi Henoch Millen

in memory of David G. Myers a"h and Judith Kertesz a"h

by Naomi Myers and Family

in memory of Gloria Vlosky a"h

by Linda Vlosky Zack and Rabbi Howard Zack

in memory of Robert Arthur Freeman a"h

by Nancy and Ken Supowit 

in memory of Moshe Frank a"h  

by Sarah Frank


September 9th-11th, 2016



        Rabbi Kenneth Brander                         Dr. David Pelcovitz         

Rabbi Kenneth (Kenny) Brander is the Vice President for University and Community Life at Yeshiva University.  He concurrently serves as the inaugural Dean of Y.U.'s Center for Jewish Future (CJF). He focuses on all aspects of the Student Life Experience, engagement with communities around the Jewish world, and Y.U.'s Israel based initiatives. Rabbi Brander has authored many articles in areas of Jewish law and philosophy in various scholarly journals.  For many years, Rabbi Brander served as the Shamash for Rabbi Soloveichik, where he was responsible for arranging and coordinating all of the activities and meetings of the Rav.  Rabbi Brander was the first recipient of the Yehsiva University Wexner Rabbinic Leadership award in 1999.

Dr. David Pelcovitz, author and nationally recognized authority on parenting, adolescent development, and other child-related issues, is a clinical child psychologist.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and served for over two decades as Director of Psychology at North Shore University Hospital-NYU School of Medicine, and Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, at NYU School of Medicine.  Dr. Pelcovitz currently serves as the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Psychology and Jewish Education at Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration where he is also the special assistant to the president.

Erev Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat (6:00 pm)

followed by Community Shabbat Dinner

**See below for dinner reservation and childcare information


Bridging the Gap Between Moral Knowledge and Action

Keynote Address by Dr. Pelcovitz (8:15 pm)
in memory of Gloria Weisman Vlosky a"h


Reflections of the Rav

Oneg with Rabbi Brander (9-9:45 pm)

8:00-10:00 pm Babysitting and Childcare available 

**See below for dinner reservation and childcare information


Shabbat Morning

Steady Yet Bold: The Path of a New Generation

Shabbat morning Drasha by Rabbi Brander


Forgiveness: Psychological Insights into Everyday Life

Shiur from Dr. Pelcovitz  

in  memory of Leonore and Lawrence Zusman a"h


Kids' Kiddush

(11:45 am)


Congregational Lunch (meat)


A Karite Woman Weds a Rabbi: A Story of Mutual Respect

with Rabbi Brander 

in memory of Betty and Abraham Landesman a"h


Raising Your Child to be a Mentch 

with Dr. Pelcovitz  

in memory of David G. Myers a"h and Judith Kertesz a"h


Kids' Programming

Drama Camp with Rosie and Supervised Sports

(1:30 - 2:30 pm)


Shabbat Afternoon

 Mincha (6:30 pm)

Faith, Family and Friends: What Does Judaism and Psychology Teach Us About Being Happy 

with Dr. Pelcovitz (7:15 pm)

in memory of Moshe Frank a"h


Saturday Night

Ice Cream Melava Malka (9:30 pm)

Ethical and Practical Issues Facing Modern Orthodoxy 


Discussion with Rabbi Brander and Dr. Pelcovitz

in memory of Robert Arthur Freeman a"h


Sunday Morning

Breakfast (9:30 am)

**See below for breakfast reservation information

Thank You: The Importance of Gratitude and Its Role in Our Lives

by Dr. Pelcovitz followed by open Q & A 


If you would like to sponsor or co-sponsor a session or
part of the program, sponsorship opportunities
are still available


**Shabbat Dinner Information:

Gefilte Fish, Salads, Lemon Garlic Chicken,  

Wild Rice Medley, Green Beans

Children's Menu: BBQ Drum Sticks, Corn, Tater Tots

Member:   $22/Adult, $15/Child 8 & under, family cap $90

Non-Members:   $25/Adult, $18/Child & under, family cap $100


Babysitting for Friday Night lecture and Oneg 

PARENTS: bring pack n' plays or sleeping bags for your children

 $3/child, $5/2 children, $8/3 children or more


Sunday breakfast - $5/person





RSVP online at no later than Tuesday, September 6

Your payment is your reservation!  Dietary restrictions must be specified if required!






New Class with Rabbi Ari Neuman

The Game of Jewish Thrones

Sunday Morning September 4th at 8:50-9:40

Rabbi Neuman will be starting a weekly Sunday Morning Kings 1 class. King David is on his death bed and who will be chosen as the heir to his throne is not yet clear. Come learn about the transition of power in

The Game of Jewish Thrones



Memorial Booklets

Yizkor memorial booklet entries are now being revised for the coming year.  Renewal forms were sent in the mail today to those who have had previous entries.  The deadline is September 7.  If you wish to renew your entry, you must indicate same by phone or form or email by September 7.  PLEASE NOTE: ENTRIES WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW.  Click here to view/print entry form. Forms are also available in the shul office and on the promo table in the social hall.



Congregation Torat Emet
Annual Synagogue Meeting


The annual meeting for Congregation Torat Emet will be held on Sunday, November 20th.  There will be reports on the state of the congregation and a vote on the slate of officers and directors for the congregation.


Proposed Slate is below



Congregation Torat Emet

Report of the Nominating Committee

Proposed Slate 5777


Executive Committee

Lifetime Co-Chairs of the Board    Jay Schottenstein

                                                       Jeanie Schottenstein


Past President                                Alan Shatz


President                                        Monica Calabrese

1st Vice President                          Michael Blumenfeld

2nd Vice President                         Yoni Zofan

Treasurer                                       Michael Broidy

Secretary                                       Betsey Lane


Non-Officer Executive Committee Members:

                                                      Stu Appelbaum

                                                      Gary Blumberg

                                                      Lindsay Schottenstein



Nominees for 5776-5778            Terri Barnett

                                                      Ari Berger

                                                      Lawrence Binsky

                                                      Mark Ebner

                                                      Perry Vernikoff


Continuing Term - 5775-5777       Al Dembe

                                                     Joel Fisher

                                                     Wendy Horwitz

                                                     Yiska Weisband

                                                     Devorah Weprin


Respectfully Submitted by the Nominating Committee:

Michael Blumenfeld

Monica Calabrese

Wendy Horwitz

Alan Katchen

Naomi Myers


Israel Action



Israel Update


Community Announcements


Buckeye Kosher Corner

Buckeye Kosher works only with approved caterers and commissaries. Please check their website

Follow Buckeye Kosher (@BuckeyeKosher) on Twitter for the latest kashrus updates



Columbus Eruv

Visit or follow on twitter @ColumbusEruv for all the latest updates, or call (614) 489-8281


Columbus Community Mikvah

Call or text (614) 239-0838 for appointments


Shabbat Table Discussions

To view or download Yeshiva University's latest Shabbat Table Discussions click here


Goods & Services



Use this link and place your next flower order with Oberer's Flowers and Torat Emet will earn 20% of the purchase price!


Congregation Torat Emet   

"Olam Chesed Yibaneh - Building a World of Kindness" (Psalms 89:3)


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