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The Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av

Tisha B'Av is

July 29th & 30th, 2020 

Click here for Torat Emet's complete guidelines to the Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av. 

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Special Covid-19 Guidelines for Fasting on Shiva Asar B’Tamuz and Tisha B’Av this year due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions.

These guidelines were compiled by Rabbi Yona Reiss of the Chicago Rabbinical Council in consultation with Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Rabbi Herschel Schachter.

In terms of fasting on Shiva Asar B’Tamuz, there is more room for leniency this year for anyone feeling weak or who has difficulty fasting in general.  Pregnant and nursing women should not fast, even if they are normally stringent.  Tisha B’Av has a stricter standard for pregnant and nursing women, and the presumption for most healthy people is that they should fast unless they are bedridden or in such severe discomfort that they are unable to function normally (חולה שאין בו סכנה).  As always, pregnant and nursing women should consult with Rabbi Zack before the fast.  In connection with both fasts including Tisha B’Av this year, anyone who is immuno-compromised or above 60 should not fast in my opinion unless approved by a doctor. If the doctor feels that there is a risk for someone in that category who is otherwise healthy that person should eat normally on Shiva Asar B’Tamuz, and less than the minimum shiur פחות פחות מכשיעור  on Tisha B’Av (i.e., one ounce shot glasses of water and/or chopped up food in intervals of 9 minutes) unless the doctor feels that they need to eat regularly.  It is perfectly fine to recite abbreviated selichot on Shiva Asar B’Tamuz.  Ideally there should be at least one recitation of the Yud Gimmel Midot (and preferably three, which can each be recited after one short stanza of selichot), which can otherwise not be recited in private as part of Tefillah. 

On Tisha B’av, all the Kinot, as well as the recitation of Eicha, can be done via Zoom or in private.  However, kaddish can only be recited after Eicha if there are ten people gathered for the reading of Eicha.  It is not necessary for a shul to convene such a minyan, however, and it would be perfectly fine to end Ma’ariv with Kaddish Tiskabel, followed by Aleinu and Kaddish Yasom, and then for everyone to go home and say Kinot and Eicha at home (ruling by Rav Hershel Schachter).  It is also possible, both at night and during the day, to recite truncated Kinot in shul, choosing one to five Kinot that are easy to say and understand, or are particularly meaningful to people (such as the Ten Martyrs - עשרה הרוגי מלכות).   
This year Torat Emet will Zoom all Shiva Asar B’Tammuz and Tisha B’Av services and will be providing a wide range of online lectures and video presentations throughout the three weeks and on Tisha B’Av.  Please see below for more information and link to Mizrachi's learning materials.

Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyyar 5781