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Our History

The story of our shul began in the hearts and souls of about 60 Columbus families searching for a Modern Orthodox congregation in which to best foster their religious growth, spiritual quest, and philosophical worldview.  Under the leadership of Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein, our burgeoning community was blessed by the appointment of Rabbi Howard Zack as our rabbi, and by the selection of the modest offices at 2375 E. Main St. as the site of our synagogue.  On a fateful Sunday morning in September, 2001, Rabbi Zack, Mr. Schottenstein, and our founding families escorted a  Sefer Torah  (Torah Scroll) as we took our first exciting steps into our new spiritual home on Main Street.

When Rabbi Zack partnered with Rabbi Joel Epstein (Ritual Director) and Liz Kalef (Executive Director), we knew a special work was underway.  For years, our outstanding staff, together with the hard work and creativity of our congregants, brought the best out of each other and our shul, facilitating scholars - in - residence, an active youth group, a Hebrew school, weekly Torah classes, and hot cholent kiddushes. (Not to mention building cleaning, upkeep and maintenance!) We are especially proud of the sense of community, warmth, and openness we continue to build on today.

After several years of slow maturation, however, we outgrew our building.  In 2007, our congregation moved into a temporary facility at 2513 E. Main St., just two blocks down from our permanent home.  In the mean time, design and construction began on a builiding large enough to house our events and membership, in addition to our worship.

Just two years later, we opened the doors to our beautiful new facility.  Now at our original address, but in a home rich with ritual symbolism, large in the breadth of our welcoming embrace, and warm in the camaraderie of our community, we continue to build on the same inspiration and questing that drove us together back at our inception as a shul.

May God shine His countenance upon our home and in our hearts, and may He ever guide us through the perpetuation of our cherished story.

Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784