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Lara and gary blumberg

08/08/2019 03:34:34 PM


Interviewed by Rebecca Mayerhoff

Torat Emet:  Tell us about yourself- your job, where you’re from and your child(ren) (and pets!)
The Blumbergs: I am a family practice physician and my husband is a qualified Sports Attorney, business advisor and consultant. Our kids are Saul (age 15), Ruthie (age 14) and Noah (age 10). We also have Zeke a sweet high energy black lab. Gary and I are originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Our kids were all born in Ohio. 

TE:  What attracted you to the Main Street synagogue?  What do you love about this community? 
The Blumbergs: For us Main Street shul is most similar to what we grew up with in the Jewish community in South Africa. We were attracted to that familiarity when joining. We especially like the warm welcoming community, the Midwest values, the love of Israel and how our shul continues to grow. 

TE:  What are your interests and hobbies? You can also tell us your favorite books, movies or music. 
The Blumbergs: As a family we are sporty and so our hobbies are mainly sports related. We each have our special sport  including golf, tennis, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball. We have a couple of avid readers among us, some favorite books are “the long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela. As for family friendly movies we enjoy the silly humor of Adam Sandler and Jim Carey movies. 2 of us play piano and have played together in recitals. 

TE: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know
The Blumbergs: What you may not know is that Gary has lived in 4 countries, I in 3. We've known each other since childhood. We have lived in 3 cities in Ohio. Of the 5 of us,  three of us wear contact lenses. Saul works at the JCC, Ruthie has a talent for accents, and the 2 are close enough in age to have shared a B’nai mitzvah. Noah has a double crown and is an all-rounder. 

TE: Your favorite Graeter's ice cream flavor :)
The Blumbergs: favorite Graeter’s flavors:
Gary - is there such a thing as bad ice cream?
Lara- sorbet
Saul- chocolate
Ruthie- cookie dough
Noah- maple cinnamon crunch. 

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783