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Jenna Greenberg and Rabbi Josh Ginsberg

08/12/2021 10:35:15 AM


Interviewed by Rebecca Mayerhoff

Torat Emet:  tell us about yourself- your job, where you’re from and your child(ren) (and pets!) 
Greenberg/Ginsbergs: We recently completed a 2 year gradual move from Dayton to Columbus this summer. Jenna grew up in Philadelphia and Josh is from Skokie. They met in the early 2000's while studying at the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC. Their cantorial and rabbinic careers have taken them to Washington, DC (where Ranon and Elior were both born), Chicago and Dayton (where Matan was born). We took a leap of faith and partially moved our family to Eastmoor in August 2019 so that our 3 sons could continue their day school education at CTA. As of this summer, our entire family now lives here full time. Jenna will begin teaching 3rd grade Judaics at CJDS this year. Josh is enjoying learning lishma and family time, as he begins networking and getting to know the Columbus Jewish community.

TE: What attracted you to the Main Street synagogue?  What do you love about this community? 
Greenberg/Ginsbergs: Torat Emet and many of its members welcomed us with open arms when we first arrived in Columbus. It is a warm and heimish kehila where every member of our family is comfortable and happy to be in shul with friends, whether we are davening, socializing...or enjoying kiddush ;)

TE: What are your interests and hobbies? You can also tell us your favorite books, movies or music. 
Greenberg/Ginsbergs: As a family, we are prone to playing a wide variety of board games and card games. If you live in or near Central Eastmoor, we apologize for any noise, but our family games can get a wee bit competitive...

TE: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know
Greenberg/Ginsbergs: Jenna and Elior both share the recessive gene for making our tongues into a clover shape! We've enjoyed some Zooms recently with other members of the family around the country who share this unique trait. 

TE: Your favorite Graeter's ice cream flavor :)
Greenberg/Ginsbergs: Jenna's favorite Graeter's flavor is Buckeye Blitz; Josh will most likely just have a little bite of Jenna's; Elior and Matan love Cotton Candy; and back to strange genes, Ranon does not have the ice cream gene and prefers an empty chocolate dipped cone with sprinkles!

Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783