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"Jewish Women Throughout the Ages"
A Mother/Daughter Course of Study

A community program for Bat Mitzvah age girls and their mothers
presented by Congregation Torat Emet through the generosity of the
Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein Family Foundation

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"Jewish Women Throughout the Ages" is for girls in grades 5th and 6th and their mothers.  It is a multi-week course of study focusing on great women in Jewish history, from the matriarch Rivka through modern-day leaders such as Nechama Leibowitz and Rabbanit Kapach of Jerusalem.  Each session involves text learning, discussion and activities, and each mother-daughter pair is guided to work on their own final project, to be presented to the group.

Each session is 2 hours, and will focus on a different theme, using varied learning methods including guided imagery, theatre, art, music, and other creative activities.  Appropriate for all backgrounds, source materials are all in English and Hebrew.

The program will begin on Sunday, January 14 at 10am.  There will be a $180 fee for materials, supplies and other program expenses.

Enrollment is limited to 15 mother-daughter pairs

Embark on a journey in the footsteps of unique women in the history of the nation of Israel from Biblical days to modern times; learn to see ourselves as their continuation in the chain of the generations, and understand how each Bat Mitzvah girl is the newest link in this chain; at each session meet a different character and get to know her personality by learning related sources.  The sessions will be given using varied experimental learning techniques including drama, art, movement and song.

Structure of the Program
Two-hour meeting

Meeting 1   Jan 14

 Meeting 2  Jan 21 

 Meeting 3  Feb 4 

 Meeting 4 Feb 11 

 Meeting 5  Feb 18 

 Meeting 6  Feb 25 

 Meeting 7  Mar 4 

 Meeting 8  Mar 11 

 Meeting 9  Mar 18 

 Meeting 10  TBD 











To enroll in this program CLICK HERE

Cost of the class is $180


Wed, October 23 2019 24 Tishrei 5780