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Upcoming Youth Activities:


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Weekly Youth Activities:

Children Petichah: Each week we invite all boys and girls 8 years of age and younger to join us in front of the ark to each carry a small Torah scroll around the shul. Please arrive with your children by 9:35 AM to make sure they receive a פתיחה honor card from the junior gabbinate! However, please be mindful that parents are responsible for their children until groups start at 10:30 AM.

TICKET/PRIZE system in groups: The goal of the ticketing system is to reinforce good behavior. Until now our courageous teens have been trying to slowly rebuild the content in groups without any incentives, we hope that the tickets will help them better accomplish that goal. Children who (1) Arrive to groups on time and without fuss (2) Behave for the entirety of groups (3) Answer a question on the Parsha (4) Engage respectfully in Tefilla (5) Remain until the end of groups will receive one ticket per category from the group leaders.  Also, please help your children safely store tickets from week to week as they will need to trade them in to receive prizes each month.  

6th -8th Grade Balcony Prayer: Children in 6th-8th grade are welcome to join me and their peers on the balcony to pray the Musaf Service with the shul. During the Chazan's repetition all who joined us for davening will have the opportunity to answer a brain-teasing riddle about the shul. The first person or group to give me the correct answer each week will be entered into a bi-annual raffle to win a chance to Escape the Room in Columbus. Mazal Tov to Ariel Ilin who was the first to discover this past week’s riddle: 12 which are 1 and 1 which is 12, they shine brightly above and below just as well. What am I? (Hint: something in the main sanctuary)


For any and all ideas, issues, complaints, or even compliments about the Youth Department please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman at rabbineuman@toratemet

Sat, June 24 2017 30 Sivan 5777