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Thank You. Thank You! Thank You!!

This year's End of the Year Campaign has topped $141,136!
We could not have done it without all of you.

Thank you to our match families!‎


Asher and Angela Abenaim

Laurie Alexander

Todd Appelbaum

Stu Appelbaum and Susie Stan

Rick and Terri Barnett

Steven and Karyn Bass

Howie and Shana Beigelman

Pilar Bennett

Ari Berger and Naomi Brenner

Rabbi Ben Berger and Rachel Weiss-Berger

Allison Bernstein

Andy and Michele Bernstein

Haley Bernstein

Ryan Bernstein

David and Esther Bernzweig

Avi and Jamie Bindell

Jeff and Meagan Buren

The Blumberg Family

Michael and Sarah Blumenfeld

Irv and Duana Boiman

Daniel and Samantha Broidy

Michael and Debby Broidy

Monica and Joe Calabrese

Michelle Chrein

Nick and Marge Ciranni

Kenneth and Laura Clubok

Avi and Natanielle Cooper

Al and Shelly Dembe

Rabbi Avrohom and Hope Drandoff

Mark and Nicole Ebner

David and Lisa Eckmann

Avrom and Marcia Epstein

Jeff and Ingrid Epstein

Rabbi Joel and Janice Epstein

Ellen Evans

Rabbi Josh and Aliza Finegold

Mark and Samone Fischer

Joel and Lynn Fisher

Sarah Frank

Tal and Pia Frank

Rabbi Jonathan and Nechama Fried

Larry and Robin Garvin

Frances Gellman

David and Terry Goldmeier

Rabbi Avi and Miriam Goldstein

Paul Goldstein and Helene Cweren

Joel and Stacey Greff

Matan and Alison Gutwaks

Jon and Agi Hartstein

Dr. Robert and Marcia Hershfield

Dotan and Shari Herszage

Avi Hollander

Wendy Horwitz

Scott and Suzanne Hoxworth

Roman and Victoria Ilin

Miriam Kahn

Rabbi Hillel and Rivky Kapenstein

Peggy Kaplan

Larry Kaufman and Rabbi Melissa Crespy

Ed and Meri King

David and Ayala Kohn

Josh Kopp

Ben and Adina Kozberg

Raanan and Rebecca Lefkovitz

Steve and Michelle Lessnick

Alan and Barbara Levy

David Mayer and Roberta Rosenblum

Barbara Meluch

Benjamin and Rachel Metz

Avi and Karen Mikalov

Mark and Terry Mitzman

Julia Modes

Naomi Myers

Fred Needham and Sima Gellman

Marc and Anne Neiwirth

Rabbi Ari and Shira Neuman

Daniel Newman and Ilana Klamka

Benjy Neymotin

Ira and Laura Nutis

Skip and Cig Parks

Mel and Pearl Perel

Justin Pinsker

Jeff and Lori Polster

Leonard and Heddy Rabe

Jan and Paula Radzynski

Chaviva Rosenberg

Daniel and Elisheva Rosenberg

Eran Rosenberg

Ami and Arlene Sapir

Michael and Patti Schiff

David and Joni Schottenstein

Eric and Melanie Schottenstein

Brian and Jennifer Schuman

Henry and Candy Schwarz

Stewart Shapiro and Beverly Roseman-Shapiro

Shay Sharaby and Tina Abelita

Aaron Shatz and Becca Sigal

Alan and Sara Shatz

Oded and Miriam Shenkar

Steve and Anne Shulman

Barry and Linda Starr

Ken and Nancy Supowit

Perry and Yael Vernikoff 

Cantor David and Rochelle Weisfogel

Scott and Tammy Weisman

Stuart and Eileen Weltz

Rephael Wenger and Shifra Tyberg

Justin and Devorah Weprin

Murray and Harriet Weinberg

Rabbi Pinchas and Eliana Weinreich

Weiyi Xie

Roy and Shoshi Yaari

Rabbi Howard and Linda Vlosky Zack

Dror and Ronit Ziner

Ely Zofan

Gilli and Allison Zofan

Yoni and Allison Zofan

Rick and Sheila Zwelling

Sat, April 4 2020 10 Nisan 5780